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    Smile Brand new to forum and to the Blues


    Well as the title says, I am brand new to the Blues. I mean I've listened to it before, but now I want to really dive into the music and learn as much as I can.

    I came to this point in you might say a round-about way. I'd been listening a lot to Tom Petty's music since his death a year ago, mostly on Sirius XM radio channel 31. The guest DJ's on his station are free to not only play Tom's music, but also music they really like from various genres, including the Blues.

    I started copying down the names of the musicians I heard (Koko Taylor, Albert Collins, Guitar Shorty, Smokin Joe Kuberk and many others) that were played, and listening more and more to their songs. I also bought a book, "Deep Blues" by Robert Palmer to learn about the history and how the Blues music came to be what it is today.

    I guess you could say I was, and am, hooked. I figured I should also join a forum, so here I am.

    BTW- I bought my first harmonica and am enrolled in my first on-line course. I figured it was a good way to get the basics about playing. Not knowing much other than what I read on the Internet, I jumped in and purchased a diatonic C Hammond Mouth Organ. So far so good.

    Cheers - Phread

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    Welcome to the forum and the blues. If you want to discover some non mainstream blues artists check out my YouTube blues channel.
    Rdrokit Power channel, rock/blues & roadhouse music.



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