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    Quote Originally Posted by BluesHawk View Post
    Thanks, HS. You're more experienced and knowledgeable than me. I value your opinion on that. But the question was, "So, do you think it's true that, as I just "play with" my new toys in the den, setting the guitar volume to max then adjusting the volume at the amp, brings out the best from my pickups?"

    What do you think?

    i tried to answer the best i could. "best" is subjective. if you like it more, then yes, it is best......for you. turning your guitar all the way up will simply put more signal into the front of the amp.
    if i was going for the most overdriven tones i could get from whatever equipment i had, then yes, turning guitar volume up is best.
    the thing to do is try all kinds of different things and see what YOU like the best. doesnt matter what anyone else thinks.
    and i dont think im more exoerienced or knowlegable than you, as you have been playing music longer than ive been alive.
    I'll have my drink in hand and just give cold stares at my guitar from across the room and say out loud, "this could be you in my hand but you wanted to suck so now you just sit over there and think about that for awhile".---------sam_in_cali

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    Shelton raised a great point, pick control, and attack at the strings is a great way to raise or lower your volume and control the sound flying into your pedal or amp. Then of course the volume pot gives you the option to send a weaker signal to the next in the chain. This is great if you need a bit more attack and bite for solos and bit more smoothness for the rhythm parts. Pedals are awesome for those instant switch to high attack IE solos that need to jump straight in, where a volume pot twist would be a clumsy way to do that.

    I also use a few diff' Overdrive type pedals all set with minimal gain and minimal crunch. Just to add a little colour and or sustain. If you do use a few pedals such as this its best to experiment with the chain to find out what works with what and in what order.



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