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    Default Wanted: Gibson les paul special

    I'm looking for a LES PAUL SPECIAL in TV Yellow with P90s. Age and cosmetics not an issue. I'll consider a guitar with expert professional repair, or in need of minor repair, okay. I'm flexible about price based on condition.


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    I'll tell you what, amigo...I recently gigged my Epiphone Les Paul Special II P90, and I swear I'm seriously considering making it my #1 gigger.
    I put the 50s ES225 away after the first set because the place was mobbed and dancers were tripping over the monitor and tip bucket and out came the Epi.
    This guitar has been my spare on many gigs, hit several Blues jams and done a few festivals where the weather was iffy, or I wasn't going to be able to keep an eye on my gear; but I think this was the first time I did the better part of a gig with it.
    Yeah, it needed a set-up (but NOT a fret level), I changed the jack and switch to switchcraft...I put some different tuners on, but only because I had them, I got out some rubbing compound and made it shine like God intended and made a pick guard out of an old Tele one.
    I am as happy as can be with my cheap date!
    Nice chunky neck, nice and light...sustains as well as any LP I've played (bolt-on neck!!)...
    Gibson LP Specials can be sweet, but I really feel like this Epi does it all!

    The original cash outlay was $99.specia 001.jpg



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