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    Default Boss pedal power supply

    Hi all,
    I have two Boss pedals and one power supply. It is a Boss PSA-120T 9.6 VDC 200 ma @ 9 watts.
    The strange thing about this supply is the tip. The outside is the positive and the negative is on the inside. That is the opposite of most wall warts that I own. These boss PS sell for 25.00 what do people do if they own three or more pedals?

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    i have a board with 5 pedals and i use a one spot. works perfectly. you can buy them for three pedals, five pedals, ten....whatever.|ClickCP

    then you buy one of these for however many pedals you want. they make a 3 version and an 8 version too....and you can hook them together also....|ClickCP
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