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    Default I've got the Resonator Shopping Blues

    I live in the Phoenix area, and you'd think there'd be some resonators around to try, but sadly, no luck. There's ONE Dobro (new Epi) in the Tempe Guitar Center, and that's it. I really want to try a few before plunking my money down. I'm thinking single-cone biscuit bridge, and leaning toward wood body, but that's as far as I've gotten. Any ideas? Anyone know of any way to get my hands on a few instruments?

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    The all metal ones sound like a garbage can with strings. Which is why you need one!
    The wood ones sound too nice.
    It's a bummer you can't even play a couple to get your preferences straight.
    But...Beard makes a killer resonator for working man dough.
    And I've been hearing/reading great things about Republic.
    It can be a disease, though...
    The manifestation of mine is a '36 Duolian.

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    Hi, G2Brew. Good to hear someone's Jonesin' for a resophonic guitar. I remember my Jones. Like Charlie, I got a '36 Duolian and that's the first & last resonator I'll ever need. National switched from 12 to 14 frets to the body in '36. I have strong preference for being able to get above the octave and find 12 frets confining. So that's definitely something to consider.

    I believe there's an internet forum for fans of resophonic guitars. They'll steer you to nearby venues and individuals who'll let you "test-drive the Terraplane" so to speak. Also, contact National Guitar Repair where Mark Schoenberger is a specialist in resophonic guitars. He can probably hook you up with some reso musicians not too far from you (805.481.8532;

    Be patient. There's a resophonic guitar out there that's lookin for you.


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