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    Default VHT Special 6 tube amp

    So who's got a VHT Special 6 and is willing to give us a few comments?


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    I'm curious about these, too.
    Hand wired eyelet board, anybody?
    The Chinese have already started stepping into the boutique market.
    So far styling can be dodgy, but Joyo is already making a 5E3 head for about $400.
    Some of their pedals are damn cool, too.

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    I've had a Special 6 head for about 4 1/2 years running through a 1x12 pine cab with a Celestion V30. Overall, I'd say it's the best $200 I've ever spent on guitar gear. I was my main amp for everything from practice at home to jams to gigs in most bars to open mic blues jams. It sat well in the mix and cut through just fine even when up against another electric guitar, keys, horns, and drums/bass rhythm section. I use a Fender Prosonic now, but the S6 remains my go-to practice and backup amp.

    Normally, I would run it in the high input, 6 watt output mode with the gain boost engaged and the couple up about 2/3 to 3/4, controlling my stage volume with the guitar. Sometimes that was too much, but it usually worked. I ran JJ tubes (6v6 and 12ax7) for a long time. However, as time went on I found that it sounded darker than I wanted, even when changing out tubes.

    Lately, I've been running a Mesa Boogie branded 12ax7 and a Ruby 6l6GC in there. The VHT is designed to allow running different octal based tubes, so it works fine. You just have to plug your speaker into the next highest rated ohm socket (this is recommended by VHT's tech support), so 8-ohm V30 is plugged into the 16-ohm output. It sounds great, just like I want.

    I'll probably do a small mod where you can wire in a switch and extra resistor to the bias circuit on the output tube that allows you to switch the bias for optimum performance between 6v6 and 6l6 tubes. You can read tons of information on modding the S6 here:

    Even though it's for the S6 Ultra, many of them work fine for the S6.

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