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    Default Olympic Peninsula Wa. State - Hello

    Its polite to introduce yourself and I guess I am polite. Been playing since the mid 70s and my own worse critic. Mainly a Gibson guy Fender tubes. More interested in busking these days than anything else. Lately I find myself more interested in what I create than trying to ape others. Sure there is a place for it and we all need to know Rock Me Baby....but I just find myself more and more uninterested in what others have done. Probably age.

    There is a purity in the blues that I have never been able to shake off. I know better than to use a work like simplistic around here, but am intrigued by what a good player can do with very simple structure and a flair for the genre itself.

    Anyone in my neck of the woods, Olympia toward the ocean looking for a blues playing buddy....give me a holler.

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    Not too close but I'm just north in Squamish, BC, Canada. If you're ever in this neck of the woods let me know and we can play some blues.

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    Default Inspired by the tradition

    Beautiful place there, Tom. Welcome.

    Your take on the Blues, I relate. To me, what Robert Johnson did with the old Folk Blues was creative genius. Talk about "what a good player can do with very simple structure and a flair for the genre itself".

    Also like you, I've been writing more Blues...West Memphis style and Jump Blues...than playing the old tunes. I'm so inspired by the old musicians and tunes, to create within the tradition. And I don't know where it even comes from. But I did play at Robert Johnson's grave one midnight under a full moon. Really.




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