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    Default pxm - "Drunk whit Fever".

    Drunk whit fever
    Yes Im drunk again.
    Drunk whit fever
    I do missing U

    Drunk whit fever
    Lonely Morning

    Drunk whit fever
    Yes Im drunk again

    Longing for U
    Waiting for U
    U´re not calling
    no no more.

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    Default Integrity of design

    Hi, Paxom. You've been sharing your experimentatons in atonality and abstraction from the basic Blues since 2013. Thanks for inviting us to be a small part of your artistic courage, my friend. The music and vocal on this one are a great enhancement for the lyrics. The "whit" pun with "wit" (as in "with you") is clever on your part or a very nice gift from your muse.

    I know nothing about music theory or chords as I'm committed to the folk process of learning ad hoc from other musicians and playing by ear. So here's my purely amateur feedback: you're abstractions have been gaining integrity. That is, as you wander from the predictable notes, you return to them just often enough to make your abstraction accessible. Just when I think I'm getting lost, you bring me back to the tune. Then yer off again but I can keep up with you.

    Hope this makes sense and is helpful, Pax. Keep 'em comin.



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