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    Default Moanin at Midnight, Wolf biography

    Just wanted to recommend a well-written, insightful book about Howlin Wolf, Moanin At Midnight by James Segrest and Mark Hoffman. It's quite a story with lots of details. Like the repeated abandonments, losses and abuse Chester Arthur Burnett not only survived but in many ways overcame. And it helped me understand more Blues history because Wolf played with so many of the early greats who passed way before him and he went on to his big revival in the 1960s and 70s.

    Don't want to bore anyone, but for those of you who might have some curiosity about psychological nuance...Today, behavioral science tells us Wolf more likely would have become a sociopath than the dignified, respected, albeit imperfect man he was. More likely he'd have been left with mistrust and no empathy or conscience. But there were just enough nurturers & protectors in his infancy & early childhood so he did have just enough ability to trust to get along pretty well. Instead of sociopathy, he had what's now understood as Complex Developmental Trauma. Reading about his Army experience displays this dramatically.


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