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    Default Greetings from the red dirt center of the universe

    Hey everyone -

    My name is Keith. I picked up guitar a couple years ago, started taking it a little more seriously and strayed into blues rock - Gary Moore, Pat Travers, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, and more.

    Currently playing a Les Paul and a Strat through a Lone Star.

    I plan on lurking in the forums and reading / listening. There's likely little I can contribute yet.

    As a base point, I've been listening to a lot of Muddy Waters lately.
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    Cool Welcome and greetings

    Did I already say welcome to the circle? well did/or/no welcome.
    Muddy Waters is a cornerstone of twentieth-century music which of coarse reveals the bassist/songwriter Willie Dixon in a very positive light. See-enz how you are paying a visit to Chicago, I might suggest that you stop by the TayMay Club and try on some Howlin Wolf. Try The Definitive Collection Original recording remastered. on for size. Again welcome.



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