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    Default NEW FENDER EXCELSIOR easy mod changes it into one of the best amps

    As I have been updating you on this new EXCELSIOR AMP by FENDER, I have to tell you that it has blown me away each day with new things i keep finding out about it.]

    I read an artcle saying that the JJ EUrO TUBES 6v6 s they put in are a bit cheap and shoud ya get ahold of some NOS RCA or SOVTEK tubes the tone would change cramatically.

    I happened to have a pair of RAC 6V6 tubes and a machine to BIAS them......WOW the change in warmth, clarity was easily heard.

    I am looking for some RCA 12XA7 for the pre-amp......but while digging ariound the inner working or this gorgeous amp I found ALL orange drops !!!!!!

    All wiring is in a peice os flex pipe it is all hand assembloed and IMPO this amp will KILL the BLUES JR.

    NO way will you plug into this and then a Blues JR n say I'lltake the MORE EXPENSIVE BLUES JR even though it sounds like CRAPOLA compared to the EXCELSIOR.

    THE NOVELTY amop the GREAT a 2 watt amp made to look like a 1930;s radio is just like thoswe MIMI MARSHALL"S and FENDER amps they sell for 30 bucks at the accesories counter.

    It has a 4 inch speaker and sounds like my 63 Plymouth Sport Fury I had as a kid.... though it has an output for an external speaker it still is basically a NOVELTY amo that will NOT make it and probably be discontinued by years end.

    They already have ideas of an EXCELSIOR to be made available in a HEAD n CAB set up for 2013.

    Having played a 15 watt 57 TWEED a few times I must say that this is basically a 57 tweed....witha reasonable price tag.

    The ONLY thing I found to be a bit weak is the tremelo circuit but there are ways to make it stronger.....but in a way it being a bit weak makes it sound like reverb.

    There have been FEW NEW PRODUCTS that I have felt so strongly about but I must say for 399.00, on sale this weekend for 299.00 this amp is a steal.
    If ya call SWEETWATER< MUSICIANS FRIEND< GUITAR CENTER.COM most are already outof the original 40 they got only a week ago.

    At 13 watts this baby screams and also breaks up nicely with P-90;s when ya want it to,.

    All I can say is if you need a good amp that is quiet enough to use in an apartment, but also have enough power for a small gig, or for use in the studio this amp is IT !!!!!!!!!

    I can not say enough good things about this amp.....except no matter what your practice amp is REPLACE IT WITH AN EXCELSIOR !!!!

    This is a BLUES AMP through n through perfect for HARP, Accordian, Guitar and vocal..... and that 15" special made speaker by jensen is from what I can tell the exact same speaker in my AMPEG GEMINI 2.

    The NEW PAWN SHOP guitars are getting a bit of a backing as well the PINK Thinline TELE but with twin P-90's is selling fast !!!!

    Take YOUR ax to the local GC near you and check this amp out..... the biggest surpsrise is the weight of a 13 watt amp , this amp is about 35lbs !!!!!!

    I PROMISE if you testdrive this amp you'll BUY IT !!!!

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